Grand Isle Kayak Rental Kiosk

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Grand Isle Kayak Launch: 135 LSU Dr, Grand Isle, LA 70358 (end of Ludwig Drive near the LDWF Complex)

Current Available Equipment: 4 Single Fishing Kayaks

Hours of Operation: 6:00am – 9:00pm

Grand Isle Fishing Kayak
From $20

If you have issues, please TEXT 504.754.5300. For life threatening emergencies, call 911

DISCLAIMER / KAYAKING SAFETY: Renting kayaks from our self-serve locations are no different than renting a bike, car, or a kayak from a rental store. You are responsible for your own safety and decisions, we are simply providing the equipment in a more convenient manner at so that you do not have to transport it. If you do not feel safe paddling in a kayak or on a river, please do not rent our equipment. Our self-serve kayaks are for paddlers who are comfortable being on the water and familiar with boating safety. Kayaking on Rivers offers organized boating traffic. Motor boats, sailboats, barges and working vessels travel in the “Channels” which are marked with red and green channel markers and are typically located in middle of the river. Kayakers should always paddle close to the shorelines and stay out of the boating channels, unless crossing over the river. When crossing to the opposite side of a river, please look both ways, let all boat traffic pass first, then quickly paddle across the other side of the river. If you see other kayaks paddling in the middle of the rivers or in the Channels, please help keep everyone safe and remind our fellow kayakers to always paddle close to the shorelines and out of the channels.

* Waivers are required for every participant. Bayou Adventure is NOT responsible for any injuries related to kayak rental.

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