Outdoor events on the North Shore of New Orleans, Louisiana offer a vibrant array of gatherings that cater to a variety of interests, making it a worthy visit in Louisiana for nature lovers and adventure seekers. You can wander around at Abita Art and Farmers Markets every Sunday in the charming blend of local crafts, art, and fresh food or you can rent a kayak near New Orleans at Fontainebleau State Park, to enjoy the natural beauty of the bayou on a kayak trip. The Bogue Chitto Youth Fishing Rodeo provides a fun and competitive fishing experience for young anglers, or you can go berry picking in the region is a delightful activity for families looking to enjoy fresh, local produce. You can also participate in the Louisiana Bicycle Fest for a celebration of all things bicycle-related. Additionally, the summer outdoor concert series brings live music to parks throughout the North Shore, offering everything from jazz to rock. These events highlight the region’s rich cultural and natural offerings, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the outdoors. 

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Outdoor Activities On The Northshore

Abita Springs Art & Farmers Markets

A festive open-air market held every Sunday from 11 AM to 3 PM, the Abita Springs Art and Farmers Markets is no doubt one of the most enjoyable outdoor events on the North Shore for people of all ages, locals and visitors. Fresh produce, prepared and baked goods, local honey, arts and crafts, homemade soaps, and other items are available for purchase at this free market. Some markets even include live music from the plaza stage. Abita certainly offers a wide selection of high-quality fruits and vegetables. In addition to these fresh items, you’ll find unique jarred and canned goods like honey, homemade jellies, jams, baked goods, and more. The local honey and syrups are particularly delightful and famous among reviewers that have come here. Enjoy riding your bike on the Tammany Trace, which leads you from the spring water fountain all the way to the Abita River.

Enjoy the Bayou Beauty with Kayaking

As the 31-mile Tammany Trace travels through the heart of the St. Tammany Parish, exploring the region by kayaking has become a must-do for visitors when it comes to making your own outdoor event on the North Shore with your friends. The North Shore is one of the best places for kayak rentals near New Orleans due to numerous canoe and kayak launch sites. The Fontainebleau State Park is highly recommended as they provide a great kayak rental service in the North Shore, offering stunning scenery of surrounding swamp and bayou along with top-notch kayak rentals. Dive into the beauty of the bayou as you paddle through the serene waters of Lake Pontchartrain with your friends. Experience the thrill of exploring moss-draped bayous and uncovering hidden spots only accessible by kayak. Encounter abundant wildlife up close, from graceful birds to playful fish, on your exciting kayaking journey. This adventure promises unique vantage points and unforgettable moments in the heart of Louisiana’s natural splendor.

Bogue Chitto Youth Fishing Rodeo

Annually held in June at the Bogue Chitto State Park, the Bogue Chitto Youth Fishing Rodeo stands out as one of the best outdoor events on the North Shore exclusively for kids. With an affordable registration fee that comes with a T-shirt and bait, the event ensures to offer young anglers an exciting day by the water. This fishing rodeo invites kids to cast their lines in the scenic Bogue Chitto State Park, known for its lush landscapes and abundant fish. With categories for different age groups and prizes for the biggest catch, it encourages a spirit of friendly competition and outdoor adventure. The event provides an excellent opportunity for families to bond and enjoy nature together, with plenty of picnic spots and trails to explore. Local sponsors contribute to the festive atmosphere with giveaways and educational activities, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants. The Bogue Chitto Youth Fishing Rodeo not only promotes fishing skills but also fosters a love for the great outdoors, making it a cherished tradition in the community.

Ridemore Farm Horse Boarding & Berry Picking

Head to Covington, LA for an exciting outdoor event on the North Shore and pick ripe berries right off the bush. The Ridemore Farm offers more than just seasonal vegetable plants and acres of different kinds of berries, the farm nowadays used to be a dream to Danny and Linda. Family owned, the Ridemore Farm was made with patience and efforts from its two owners, turning a jungle-like piece of land into a beautiful farm for educational and fun events. Then, share it with other people, locals and visitors alike.  Since 2015, Danny and Linda have passed the legacy of the Ridemore Farm to their daughter, Katherine Prats; until today, Katherine Prats has been the main force in operating the farm. Join the Ridemore Farm on Saturdays and Tuesdays at 8 a.m. during the spring picking season, from mid-May to early July. Sign up for their newsletter to get the latest updates on what’s ripe for picking. We recommend visitors to wear comfy clothes, sneakers, a hat, and sunscreen as the fields are sunny. As well as bringing some insect repellent as there can be ants and occasional deer flies. Feel free to bring Fido and Gizmo, as dogs are welcome on a leash!

Louisiana Bicycle Festival

The Louisiana Bicycle Festival in St. Tammany Parish stands out as one of the best outdoor events in the North Shore. This lively festival in late mid to late April attracts a diverse crowd of aficionados, collectors, artists, and curious onlookers for an early morning parts swap meet and flea market. The festival is not only popular among grown-up bike aficionados, but it is also known as a fun ground for kids’ bike races, a wheelie contest, and awards for Best in Show and Best Wheelie. The Louisiana Bicycle Festival is truly unique due to the bike culture on the North Shore as it is tied to the Tammany Trace. Locals know to convey a real sense of exploring the North Shore, for revealing the area’s personality and its magic, the Tammany Trace is a treasure. The highlight is a quirky parade through town, featuring a wild assortment of art bikes, vintage bikes, custom creations, unicycles, recumbents, and trikes. Participants of all ages, often in costumes, share a passion for bicycles and a spirit of fun.

Outdoor Concert Series Across the Northshore

Outdoor concert series is one of the most anticipated outdoor events in the North Shore. From classic rock to jazz, these free concerts are set in picturesque parks, offering a perfect backdrop for a relaxed evening with live music. Events like Jazz’n the Vines at Wild Bush Farm Vineyard, Mandeville Live!, and Rockin’ the Rails at Covington Trailhead bring the vibrant local music scene to life for both residents and visitors. In the spring, music lovers can enjoy the fair weather while lounging on a blanket, listening to tunes, or dancing with a partner. Some venues even welcome pets and allow drinks, creating a friendly and festive atmosphere. The wide range of genres ensures there’s something for everyone, making these concerts a delightful way to experience the sounds and sunshine of the North Shore.


What are some outdoor events on the North Shore in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana?

Every year, St. Tammany Parish on the North Shore of Louisiana hosts a variety of exciting outdoor events throughout the year. Notable events ranging from various categories make it suitable for visitors of all ages and of different hobbies. In April, there is the Louisiana Bicycle Festival for bike aficionados. Bogue Chitto Youth Fishing Rodeo builds your kids’ experience in fishing and allows for fun picnics with family and friends. The outdoor concert series across the North Shore features a variety of music genres. With kayaking and canoeing tours on the bayous and rivers of the North Shore, these adventures provide a unique way to explore the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. The North Shore has so much more to unfold for its visitors.

Why kayaking in the North Shore of St. Tammany Parish?

There are numerous canoe and kayak launch sites in the North Shore, which is the main reason for kayaking being one of the most popular outdoor activities in the region. Aside from various lunch sites, kayaking in the North Shore offers a unique and rewarding experience for several compelling reasons including abundant wildlife, scenic beauty, cultural and historical exploration.

How far is the North Shore from New Orleans’ downtown?

The North Shore, particularly the area in St. Tammany Parish, is approximately 30 to 40 miles from downtown New Orleans, depending on your specific destination within the North Shore. Key destinations in the North Shore are Mandeville, Covington, and Abita Springs. The proximity of the North Shore to New Orleans makes it a convenient and popular destination for day trips or weekend getaways, offering a quick escape to scenic landscapes, outdoor activities, and a more relaxed atmosphere.