1. Bream & lake runners have been known to hang around the bridge supports
  2. Stay left here
  3. A few large trees have fallen in the water; a perfect hiding spot for sac-a-lait
  4. Bass like to chase minnows hiding by the fallen trees
  5. When the times are just right bass will school by this small cut
  6. The water is a little deeper here
  7. Look for the osprey nests
  8. Look for the fish in the current lines when the water is moving
  9. The big ones patrol the deeper water of the bends
  10. Many redfish have been pulled from this spot
  11. Shallow water – a good spot to pull kayak on to grass bed & take a dip


Gators can be seen anywhere along the route but they are seen more on the second half.

Big Mama moves once a year.

Turtles can be seen out on logs all along the route.

The Blue Heron can escort you down the tour from the beginning to the end.

Gar can be rambunctious and bump your boat. Don’t worry. It’s not a gator.

Everything Louisiana has to offer.

Lake Pontchartrain is made up of brackish water; a combination of salt and fresh water. It contains more salt than fresh water, but not as much as seawater.

Look for Big Mama, our resident alligator


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